Raleigh NC Mold Remediation Services
Atlantic Restoration LLC

Raleigh NC Mold Removal Services

Contact Atlantic Restoration LLC when you have concerns over mold growth in your Raleigh NC home or business. Mold can stain and damage wood, ceilings, drywall, and other cosmetic features of your home and may weaken support structures over time. Mold can also create upper respiratory and other health problems in people and pets. Atlantic Restoration LLC is the name to trust for top-notch mold testing, mold removal, mold damage repair, mold removal, and mold remediation services in Raleigh NC. Our team is experienced in handling mold growth issues and will remove the problem at its source: excess moisture in your residential or commercial property. Whatever mold problems you may be experiencing in Raleigh or surrounding areas, contact the team at Atlantic Restoration LLC.

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Mold Testing in Raleigh NC

Atlantic Restoration LLC uses state of the art testing services for mold in Raleigh NC. Using a combination of viable and non-viable air sampling tests, Atlantic Restoration LLC will detect the location and type of mold growth present in your property. Mold likes to grow in dark, moist, hard to reach places, often areas that have been subject to water damage issues or leaks. The Atlantic Restoration team will get to the root of the problem by repairing any water damage problems you may have cutting mold growth off at its source. From there we provide the very best mold removal, mold damage repair, and mold remediation services available. If you are concerned you may have mold growth, contact the Atlantic Restoration team today for superior mold testing in Raleigh NC.

Mold Damage Repair in Raleigh NC

Atlantic Restoration LLC is your full service mold remediation team in Raleigh NC. Not only will we handle mold testing and mold removal services, our technicians can handle whatever mold damage repair needs you may have. From simple fixes like paint touch-ups and wall patches to major restoration services when mold damage leads to rotted beams or joists, Atlantic Restoration LLC can handle it all. Our technicians will provide whatever mold damage cleanup, repair, and restoration services are required to return your property to the condition it was in prior to mold damage occurring. Whatever your Raleigh NC mold damage needs count on the pros at Atlantic Restoration LLC.


Call 919-710-4792 or contact us online for mold testing, mold removal, mold damage repair & mold remediation services in Raleigh NC. Atlantic Restoration LLC is your source for emergency restoration services in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, KnightdaleDurham, Bunn, Louisburg, YoungsvilleRolesville, GreensboroGarner, BurlingtonOxford, ButnerMebane, Creedmoor, Henderson, and other service areas. Contact our team now for mold damage, water damage, storm damagesmoke and fire damage, trauma cleanup, and board up services.